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Choosing Lamp Shade for a Soothing Bedroom Mood

Cozy lamp shades ... 6 wineglass lampshades ...

Since the bedroom doesn’t require more ambient light as the living room or kitchen, a lamp with a lamp shade and a dimmer helps create a soothing and relaxing cool light. The shade does not only account for creating a perfect mood for relaxation but also forms an essential part ...

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A Guide to Choosing Ceiling Light Shades

ceiling light shades shiro yellow paper ceiling light shade

Your ceiling is the most exposed part of any room in your house and it is only appropriate that you decorate it well to make your rooms attractive, appealing and welcoming. One way you can achieve these is by choosing the right ceiling light shades. Choosing light shades for your ...

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Get the decorative hanging kitchen lights

Best hanging kitchen lights 25+ best ideas about kitchen pendant lighting on pinterest | kitchen

Kitchen is one place which is to be designed with all the care while designing and decorating a house. Kitchen is the place where all the cooking is done. It is a place where a lot of processes like baking, cutting, mixing, grinding, and cooking takes place. The place design ...

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Torchiere Floor Lamp for Creating Right Illumination

Cozy Torchiere Floor Lamp you will remember triumphant copper black torchiere floor lamp

Floor lamp is an excellent way to add light in your interior and highlight your furniture in a fantastic way. At night when the dark shadows are more prominent in the corners, the illumination from a torchiere floor lamp creates elegant effects in the room. You may not realize the ...

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Tips for Creating a Perfect Hallway Lighting

Photos of hallway lighting saveemail

Whey you enter your sweet home, the first thing you see is the hallway. If it’s lighted and designed properly, you’ll feel it from the very beginning. The atmosphere will be elevated and cozy. You’ll feel at home. The first option for creating a perfect home feeling is the perfect hallway ...

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Have a Brighter Décor with Pot Lights

Cozy pot lights attractively placed lights ...

Pot lights are the lights which are technically known as recessed lights are the most liked source of lighting preferred by the people. When anyone decides to give a brighter impression to their home or office interiors, they always plan to go for pot lights. There are number of styles ...

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An Introduction to Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting garden lighting - lightscaping by niggli associateslightscaping by niggli  associates

Illuminating your home is a necessity and a decoration must. But garden lighting is more about decoration. While you grow and nurture plants and trees to bear fruits and flowers and bring natural colorful beauty to your garden, install some lights also. They can bring emotion and life to the ...

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